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Monday, 16 December 2019

NewsNaira: Make Money Online In Nigeria Reading News

Have you ever wondered how to make legit money online in Nigeria reading news?

If your answer to the question above is yes, then you're in the right place because I will be showing you just how to make money with NewsNaira.

You may have landed here from Google looking for:

  • How to Make Money Reading News
  • What is NewsNaira
  • NewsNaira review
  • Is NewsNaira Scam or Legit
  • NewsNaira Payment Proof
Whatever you searched for, what matters is that you're going to find the answers to all your question pertaining NewsNaira here.

The owners of claim you could make ₦40,000 weekly by carrying out simple tasks like:

  • Logging in and browsing through their website.
  • Posting Statuses On Facebook.
  • Commenting On their Posts.
  • Referring new users (not compulsory).
  • Creating forum posts.

How true is this? Could it possibly be true? Don't be fooled by anyone.

Make sure you read this post to the end to find out if NewsNaira is Scam or Legit.

But What is my Sole Purpose of Writing This Post About

Honestly, not to generate downlines!

I want to save you the stress of wasting your time and money as well as save you from missing a wonderful opportunity.

I will tell you Advantages as well as Disadvantages of being a member of

To help you understand what this program is all about, we will be looking into the following:

  • What is
  • How Does NewsNaira Work?
  • NewsNaira Payment Proof
  • Why You Should And Shouldn't Join NewsNaira
  • How to Join NewsNaira And Start Making Money
  • Bonus!
There is no need to waste your time anymore. Let's go straight to business.

Reading News on

What is is a news forum where you read news and discuss with other members of the forum just like Nairaland.

But unlike every other forum, this one has an income program which pays you for being a member.

 How Does NewsNaira Work?

The format of is very simple that even an Internet newbie can make use of it effectively.

There are 6 options on which can actually get money into your bank account.

Make Money Online on NewsNaira

1. Active Daily Login: You earn ₦50 once everyday for logging in to your NewsNaira account.

2. Reading News: You earn ₦2 for any news you read on

3. Commenting on Posts: When you read new, drop a comment, you make ₦3 and you can comment as much as you can as long as it is on different posts.

4. Posting News: Each time you post stuff on Facebook never get paid.  Here you are paid ₦5 for every news you post and you can post unlimitedly in a day.

5. Sharing Sponsored Posts: You are paid for sharing sponsored post on Social Media ( These post are unique and could be posted at most, twice a day). You are paid ₦100 for each sponsored post you share a day.

6. Referral (Optional): You make extra ₦1000 once your friends join NewsNaira through you. If you are able to refer 10 persons a day, that's extra ₦10000 for you.

But Note: Referral is never compulsory! You can still cashout with referring a single person. Referral is only a means you use in making extra money.

Those are the many ways through which you earn on NewsNaira.

You know the most interesting thing about NewsNaira?

You are paid to do what you do daily on Social Media 

Now join me let's do some calculations to see how much you can make weekly.

Let's say you login everyday: 50×7 = 350

Let's say you read 50 news topics daily: 2×50×7 = 700

Let's say you comment of 50 news daily: 3×50×7 = 1,050

Let's say you post 10 news each day: 5×10×7 = 350

Let's say you share 2 sponsored post each day: 100×2×7 = 1,400

Then you refer 2 persons in a week: 2,000.

Now let's add:
350+700+1,050+350+1,400+2,000 = 5,850.

Now if you should wait for a month: 5,850×4 = 23,400.

NewsNaira Payment Proof

I know you'd still need a proof to convince you before you join.

Now here is my story:

An old lady met me and told me to help her with my account number to receive money.

She told me her Son used her details to register for one program called NewsNaira and that it's paying very well.

I laughed with me because I was convinced it's going to be another scam but I gave out my account details anyways.

I was surprised when I got an alert from on one faithful Saturday morning.

I was still in doubt so I had to login to their website to check out the names of those they paid and voilร , her name was top 3 on the list.

The most interesting thing there is that she was paid without referring any single person so I to get registered.

Below the screenshot of the money I received for the woman and my own payment respectively.

Why You Should And Shouldn't Join NewsNaira

If you remember vividly I told you I'd be showing you the advantages and disadvantages of joining NewsNaira.

If you are hoping to make millions overnight from this program, Oga find another place.

NewsNaira is not for lazy persons who are not ready to work hard to make money.

If you are very industrious, this is an awesome program for you because it's very legit and could pay you at least (I said at least) 20k a month (you could make more).

It is very easy to access and does not consume much data.

How to Join NewsNaira And Start Making Money

Now you have seen that NewsNaira is very legit and now you want to join. 

For you to be a member, it's absolutely free of charge but once you register, you need the sum of NGN 1,600 to upgrade your account to be able to earn. (If you don't upgrade, you can read news but won't earn).

But why?

Nothing good comes easy. Besides the pay is worth it looking at how much you'd make. 

And whenever you remember that you spent money to join the program it will help you work harder.

Now lersl move straight to how to join.

You first of all check your bank account balance to make sure you have up to NGN 1,600 before you continue.

Then move to NewsNaira registration page or you copy and paste this link in your address bar

Then you will be welcomed with the registration page of NewsNaira.

Allow it to load very well then you fill your full name, your username, your phone number and email address as well as your bank details and password.

When you are done filling everything necessary, click on "Create Account".

Congratulations! You have just registered your account on NewsNaira but mind you, you have not upgraded your account and so you cannot start making money at this stage.

How to Upgrade Your NewsNaira Account

This is even more simple than ABC. All you have to do is login to your NewsNaira account and you will find out that there are two methods of activating your account.

The first is paying online through paystack and the second is purchasing a coupon code.

I will show you the less difficult method which is purchasing the coupon code from a vendor.
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Friday, 16 August 2019

NNU Forum Review: Make 35k Monthly on NNU Forum 2019 [No Referral]

Hello everyone, today I will be dropping my honest NNU Forum Review.

NNU has relaunched and today we will be taking about it; its new features and how to make money from it.

NNU is undoubtedly the first website that started paying it users to read news and today is still leading.

You may have landed from Google while searching for:

  • NNU Forum
  • NNU Income Program
  • NNU Income v2
  • NNU Income 2019
  • How to make money from NNU Forum
  • Is NNU Still Paying?
The fact is that I don't care about what you searched for.

All I do know is that you are either a student, a working class, a single mom, a business, a blogger or an internet user and one thing you do have in common with everyone mentioned here is that you're looking for how to make money online through NNU Forum.

That is what I am actually going to show us today.

What is NNU?

NNU is only but an acronym meaning Nigerian News Update.

So as the name implies, it is a forum in Nigeria, made by a Nigerian called Paul Samson, for Nigerians where news and updates concerning Nigeria is being discussed.

But this is a kind of different from other websites and forums because it has what we call NNU Income Program and with this you can make money.

How to Make Money With NNU Forum v2

People Reading News on NNU Forum

If you recall vividly, NNU did no start today. Many of us started since 2017 but along the line something happened and it crashed.

The good news is that NNU is back and now bears the name, NNU Forum.

This second version of NNU is a different one from the old.

The owners claim there are six methods of making money from  NNU Forum this 2019:

  • Affiliate Earning: As a fully registered member of NNU Forum you will earn 71.5% of the amount paid by someone who registered through you. That means you will make N1000 when someone registers through you. (Referral is not compulsory)
  • Active Daily Login: You will earn N50 for logging into your account daily. That means for everyday you login, you earn N50
  • View Forum Topics: As a registered member you'll earn N10 for each forum post you read. The fact is that you don't even need to read it to get paid, just open the post you earn.
  • Posting Comments: For each relevant comment you post on NNU Forum you'll earn N20
  • Posting Forum Topics: Whenever you post a well structured and not copied topic in the Forum, you'll earn N200. You can even earn more, up to N500 - N1000 if the admin finds your post very interesting and constructive.
  • Sharing Post on Facebook: NNU will assign posts to each member everyday to share on Facebook and once you share the post you earn N100
Very interesting and exciting ways to earn huh?

Now I am going to help you do the calculations to know how much you can actually earn monthly from NNU.

Daily login: 50 × 30 = N1500 monthly
Viewing Forum Topics: 10 × 20 × 30 = N6000 monthly
Posting Comments: 20 × 20 ×30 = N12000 monthly
Posting Forum Topics: 200 × 30 = N6000 monthly
Sharing on Facebook: 100 × 30 = N3000 monthly
Affiliate Earning: 1000 × 2 = N2000 monthly
Total: 1500 + 6000 + 12000 + 6000 + 3000 + 2000 = N30500

Very interesting. Making 30k monthly in Nigeria could be very hard but here the new NNU Forum is promising you that for doing what you do daily on Social media.

Note: Refferal was added just for members to get make extra money and its not compulsory hence you can withdraw without referral.

Still having doubts about this new NNU?

The fact is that you have every reason to doubt this one due to what happened in the old one.

But remember that the problem was not making the money, people made a lot of money from the former NNU.

The problem then was to cash out. After getting much money from the forum people were not able to cash out.

The truth: This is Nigeria and there is this adage used here in Nigeria which says: first come first serve.

The first NNU was actually paying till it stopped at some point. And this new one will surely pay now (it was launched 3 days ago) and will continue paying till (we're not praying for it to stop paying shaa)

I give you the assurance that those who will join at the initial stage will benefit more from this NNU Forum.

Payment Proof for NNU Forum

I guess you might still want to see a payment proof of NNU Forum before you join it, you'd want to know those who it has paid.

I had to wait for me and others to get paid before I update it here in Nairahub.

Before is a proof of those who were paid by NNU Forum:

How to Easily Join NNU forum

Now you've made up your mind to join NNU Forum (and I promise you won't regret it because only those who take risks will secure the bag, Lol.)

So let's proceed:

First of all make sure you have balance of N1,400 in your bank account before you proceed.

1. Proceed to NNU Forum v2

NNU Forum Registration Page

2. Fill in your details in the form as seen above

NNU Forum Page

3. Select "paystack" accept terms and conditions as seen in the picture above.

4. Then click on "Make Payment"

NNU Forum Page

5. You meet a page resembling the picture above so tap on "Click To Pay With Paystack"

6. Now you will have to choose your mode of payment. I suggest you go with "card" or "bank" then proceed and make payments

Make sure you follow the link in this post to sign up because everyone who does so will be added to my WhatsApp group where I'll be posting latest tricks of making enough money from NNU Forum.

My Own Review of NNU Forum: is it Legit or Scam?

Now I'm not going to be be biased neither am I going to hype anything here.

Is it a scam?
For now I have not seen anything wrong with this forum.

Is it legit?
I'd say yes and I have three reasons for saying so which are:

1st: It's a new Income program and such things (new income programs) pay at least for a year before it crashes (that is even if it will crash) 

So if you join it this early stage you will cash out many times before it even start to think of crashing.

2nd: The former NNU had a registration fee of N1,600 but in this new one N200 was slashed and you only need N1,400 to join.

3rd: The owner of the forum has promised that this is not going to be like the first one. 

Bonus: For the first 50 persons that joins, I am going to add you to my WhatsApp group where I will share secrets about maximizing our earning on NNU.

Don't be late! 

Join now make everywhere stew for all of us, Lol.

Remember this is the link to join NNU Forum.


Making money from NNU Forum is something assured.

In fact with the calculations I used here, one could even make 30k or more monthly.

Remember why you should join it now as e dey hot!

Those who joined and wish to be added to my WhatsApp group should send me proof that will convince me that they joined.

Here's my WhatsApp Number: 08110045837

And here's the link to join.

Happy money making on NNU Forum.
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Thursday, 16 May 2019

Jumia One: Get Free Airtime and Data With The Jumia One App

Hello buddies,
After a long vacation I am here to present to you another money making App call Jumia One.

Jumia One App

Today you may have landed from Google with the following keywords:
  • What is Jumia One? 
  • How to Make Money With Jumiaone
  • Jumi One App
  • Download Jumia One App
  • How Jumia One App Works. 
  • etc 
I am not much concerned about what keyword landed you here. All I am interested in is that you find the answers to your search. .

Today I will be showing you how to get free airtime and data with Jumia One and how to eventually make huge sum of money using the App.

But first you need to find out what this App is.

What is Jumia One?

Jumiaone is a Jumia App (lite)  developed for shopping and shopping your goods from Jumia with little or no stress.

You can buy thinks like clothes, accessories, phones, laptops, kitchen utensils, airtime and data, purchase electricity bills and many more.

It's just a regular thing you do on regular basis.

How to Make Money With Jumiaone

Like I explained above, Jumiaone is a regular app we use in paying for regular stuffs we need daily, but the only difference here is that you are paid for using the App. 

Imagine shopping and getting paid for shopping, lol. 
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Saturday, 9 March 2019

HIWAP Registration: How to Register, How to Make 5k Daily

Hello everyone,
It has been a while since you heard from me and today I am going to show you how to go about the HIWAP Registration and how to make 5k and above daily on this program.

The owners claim that much money could be made from this program.

In fact when you join this program you make money from two ways:

1. You will make money while making money
2. You will make money while being healthy

They fact is that you may have landed from search engine looking for:

  • What is Health is Weath Affiliate Program
  • What is HIWAP?
  • How to Register for HIWAP
  • How to Money with Hiwap
Whatever you searched for is none of my business because what I only care about is taking you on a journey to make money with Hiwap.

And today you will learn:
  • What the Program really is
  • The founders
  • When it was founded
  • How to make money with it
  • How to get registered

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Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Make Money Reading News With The Scooper News App For Free [Legit]

Many of us could be wondering what this Scooper News App is and how money could be made from it.

In one of my older posts I wrote about making money with the Eagleee News App by just reading news and today I will show you also how to make money reading news on the Scooper News App.

Scooper News App

You may have landed here from Google with the following search terms:

  • Scooper
  • Scooper News App
  • Download Scooper News App
  • Make Money Reading News 
  • Apps That Pay You to Read News
I don't care about the search term you used to land on this page. All I care about is the fact that you came here to learn how to make money reading news with the Scooper News App and I am going to show you just that.

What is Scooper News App?

This App was formerly called Eagleee News App but now Scooper.

The App is meant to bring you latest viral content to keep you up to date from Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and International.

And they discuss topics on Sports, Politics, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Quizzes, Novels and many more.

So while you read news articles and get information, you also get paid. Awesome!

But I know there could be a trace of doubt in your heart about the legitimacy of this App.

Well, I am a well known Blogger and Internet marketer and I am known for being legit - myself and products that I promote.

Enough of the story Golden. Show me the real thing.

How to Make Money Reading News on Scooper News App

There are many differnet way to make money on this App and I am sharing them below.

1 Registering Under a User: You earn on Scooper when you let an already registered user register you.

All you have to do is downlaod the Scooper App with the link a registered user will give you and activate your App with his activation code also (keep reading. I will give you my link and code below๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡)

When once this is done you will earn a whooping 5 coins.

2. Reading News: This is the main money making feature on Scooper News App.

You get 5 coins also for every news you read and you are allowed to read as many as you want but only get paid for 30 news articles.

This means that in as much as you read many news articles, you only get credited for 30 news articles.

3. Daily Rewards: Scooper is so magnanimous to the extent that it gives it users a few bucks for doing nothing.

At intervals you could be earning 2-5 coins for just opening your Scooper App. 

4. New User Lucky Bonus: Just as the name implies, this earning feature is open to you if you are a new user.

You can earn up to 100 or 500 coins as registration bonus on Scooper if you are lucky enough.

5. Active User Reward: Scooper rewards active members with some stipends. Sometimes it could be 50 coins, at other times it could be 100 and at times 200.

Being an active user is not something difficult. If you read news daily on Scooper News App you are an active member and can benefit from this reward.

6. Referring New Users: When your friends download Scooper News App with your link you'll earn 200 coins and when they activate their account with your acrivation code you earn extra 5 coins (while they earn 5)

Abeg Golden stop all this coin coin something! How much is that coin in Naira seff?

My Answer: before you make ₦1,000 you need 5,500 coins (formerly 11,000 coins will give you ₦1,000) but now with 11,000 you have 2K (Scooper keeps improving for the better)

Don't be disheartened by what I just said ๐Ÿ‘† ๐Ÿ‘† besides registration is totally Free. It's not like everyother get paid to read news websites where you are asked to pay before you can register.

And know this: You can't make money if you are lazy.

But How Much Can I Really Make From Scooper News App?

If you want to know just how much you can make from the App then lets do some calculations below ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

Now let say...
You read 30 news daily => 30×5 = 150
You refer a friend each day => 200
You get daily rewards => 5
You get active reward bonus => 100

In a day...
You get 150+200+5+100 =455 coins

In a month...
You get 455×30 days = 13650 coins

With that...
You can earn ₦2,000 monthly and still have a balance of 2650 coins which you can rollover to next month and earn higher.

Note: I didn't include all the bonuses you ger when you register.

So with the calculations above you can see that you can make money for your monthly subscriptions on Scooper and when you put in more effort (like in referring more people) you tend to make more money for free ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

Oya! Lets proceed.

How to Download and Signup For Scooper News App

Before you can start making money on Scooper you need to download the App.

To download the App, click here!

Download Scooper News App

You have to make sure you copy out the activation code which is: H6BCEZ. 

Then you have to click on "Download App. Get Cash" button which will automatically redirect you to Playstore.

On Playstore you will no longer see the App as Eagleee but as Scooper and that is where their change comes in. 

So download the App and move on.

Scooper News App Homepage

Once you have downloaded, installed and opened the App you will find a homepage similar to the one above ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿ‘†

What's next?

Accept Privacy Policy:
Accept Scooper Privacy Policy
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Saturday, 1 December 2018

NewsPay Income Earning Bundle: Make Money Reading News on NewsPay

In today's article I'd be taking you on NewsPay Earning Income Bundle Review. You are going to learn how to Make Money on NewsPay. 

The owners of NewsPay Income Earning Bundle claim you could make ₦40,000 weekly by carrying out simple tasks like:

  • Logging in and browsing through their website 
  • Posting Statuses On Facebook 
  • Commenting On their Posts
  • Referring new users. 

And today I am going to show you if actually their claim is true or false.

You may have landed on this page through Google with the following search queries:
  • What is NewsPay Income Earning Bundle?
  • How to Make Money with NewsPay Income
  • Is NewsPay Income Legit or Scam?
  • NewsPay.Ng Income Login/ Register

But what is the sole purpose of this NewsPay.Ng Income Review?

Honestly, not to generate downlines!

I really want to save you the stress of wasting your money as well as save you the pain of missing such a wonderful opportunity.

I'll tell you the advantage(s) as well as the disadvantage(s) of NewsPay.Ng Income Earning Bundle.

Honestly typing, It's a legit program that can earn you money.

ImportantBut that's not all there is. Before you invest in it, make sure you read this post.

To help you understand what NewsPay Income Earning Bundle is all about, we will be looking into the following subheadings:

  • What NewsPay Income Earning Bundle Is 
  • How NewsPay Income Earning Bundle Works 
  • NewsPay Income Earning Bundle Payment Proof 
  • Why You Should And Shouldn't Join NewsPay Income Earning Bundle 
  • How To Join NewsPay Income Earning Bundle.

Now let me not be a time waster no more. Let's go straight into the real deal.

Man Reading News on NewsPay

What Is NewsPay Income Earning Bundle?

NewsPay Income Earning Bundle is a program established for Nigerians especially Youths, Students, Middle Class and etc to help liberate poorverty in among them as well as aiding them in making legit money online. This makes it's participants liable to payment on monthly basis.

How NewsPay Income Earning Bundle Works

The structure of NewsPay Income is very simple. There are many different ways of making money on NewsPay.Ng.

As a participant you have 9 options to earn to your bank account on NewsPay Income.

NewsPay Income Earning Bundle

1. NAP: Meaning NewsPay Affiliate Program and with it, you become an affiliate once you register and are approved. And as a affiliate you enjoy huge commission of 60% per referral on anyone who joins NewsPay Income through your referral link. This means that when you refer anyone (friends, relatives) who successfully join N.I.P, you earn a cool ₦1,000.

The good news about this NewsPay Income Earning Bundle...

It's not a ponzi scheme (mind you! I don't promote ponzi). And it's not like a ponzi scheme.

What do I mean?

We all know that ponzi schemes requires that you refer someone before you can be paid (if at all you will be paid).

But NewsPay Income is not like that.

You earn without referring anyone (cool huh?)

When you refer, you only increase your money.

Now you could be wondering...

How do I earn on NewsPay Income Earning Bundle even without referring anyone?

Look at them below...

2. Active Daily Login: When you login to your account daily on NewsPay browsing and reading news you earn  ₦50.

3. Commenting and Contributing: When you browse each post, read and contribute your view by comment, you earn from ₦2 and above on each post you commented depending on daily revenue share (You also earn by replying people's comments. Something NNU doesn't do)

4. Sharing Sponsored Posts: This is another means that enables you earn through NewsPay Income. On a daily basis you are expected to share a sponsored post that will be assigned to you on Facebook or Twitter.  You will be paid the sum of 100 for sharing daily sponsored posts.

5. Sign Up Bonus: NewsPay Income is really awesome. They pay you 30 as bonus for signing up with them.

6. Reading Posts: You earn 2 for every post you open on NewsPay. 

7. Submitting Posts: You will be paid 100 for every constructive and informative post you submit that is approved.

8. Daily Visits: You will earn 2 every day you visit NewsPay.Ng and this is very different from the 50 they pay you for daily login.

9. Ad Revenue Share: You earn a slice of the Ten Million Naira Ad Revenue from the NewsPay Advertisers and a whooping One Million Naira could be shared in among everyone on the NewsPay Income. 

These are really awesome ways to make money on this platform.

You know why I love NewsPay Income so much?


Imagine getting paid to do what you like.

Imagine getting paid to login

Imagine getting paid to read news.

Now let's do some calculations to see how much you could make with this program. 

Let's say you log in on daily basis which is 50X30= 1500 (For just logging in).

Let's say you comment on 50 posts each day which is 2X50= 100 then 100X30= 3000 (for comments alone) 

Then you share sponsored post each day which is 100 and for a month 100X30=3000 (for sharing sponsored posts daily) 
Now 1500 (daily login) + 3000 (comments) + 3000 (sponsored posts) = 7500.

Now you refer up to 10 people which is 10000.

You now sum 7500 and 10000 which will give you a whooping 17000 (Normal pay for a lazy type) 

NewsPay Income Payment Proof

I know how most Nigerians behave. They'll even use mirror to look at a wrist watch (lol)

You could still be doubting the legitimacy of NewsPay Income hence I bring you the screenshots below as proof:

First payment proof

NewsPay Payment Proof

Another payment proof

NewsPay Payment Proof

It is said that seeing is believing and I guess you believe now.

Still in doubt? 

Let me tell you a brief story about the founders of NewsPay.Ng and NewsPay Income Earning Bundle

Who are the Founders of NewsPay Income Earning Bundle?

NewsPay is a publishing arm of Hippo Information Technology, an ICT company with a registered company address and details. Registration company number ED64245.
But you may still wonder:

Why doe they pay people to read news on. Their website? 

Here's the answer:

To succeed as a website or blog owner, you need to get popular.

NewsPay just started and there are big news websites already like Nairland, Naijaloaded, Naij which would obstruct the growth and popularity of NewsPay.Ng

To avoid that from happening they invented NewsPay Income Earning Bundle which pays it's members. 

And that strategy worked for them because by the time of writing this post they have thousands of registered members. 

So Thomas I know I've given you enough proof. 

Now having taken you so far pay attention to: 

Why You Should And Shouldn't Join NewsPay Income Earning Bundle

If you still remember from the onset I told you I was going to show you the advantages as well as the disadvantages of joining NewsPay Income.


It's not for lazy people. So if you are lazy like me just pack well because you'll not make money on NewsPay.Ng (No food for a lazy man )

Impatient guys that are looking to break bullion van shouldn't join it because NewsPay Income won't give you fast money.


NewsPay Income
 needs no formal approach. You can access it and login from the comfort of anywhere you may be.

If you are hardworking and patient alike, you could make more than 40k in a week.

Hot: The program is still fresh as it was launched onbJuly, 2018 and it is really paying people. That is the more reason why you should join NewsPay Income now before it casts.

How to Join NewsPay Income Earning Program

You have now seen that NewsPay Income is legit and not a scam and you have seen the disadvantages and advantages of being a participant of the program.

For you to be a member of NewsPay Income you have to get registered with the sum of NGN 1600 only (Chicken change).

But why? 

Nothing good comes easy. They pay is worth it because what you stand to gain is better than what you are to spend (The NGN 1600).

The more reason why you should pay before joining NewsPay Income is for you to take it seriously and work harder. 

You could be wondering how to join the program easily.

It's very simple and straight forward. 

Look at the steps and screenshots below to learn how to join NewsPay Incone
  • Step 1: The first thing you need to do is to click on the link below to open the Sign up page. 

How to Join NNU Income Program
  • Step 2: You have to fill the form accordingly.
  • Step 3: Choose Paystack as your payment type as seen in the screenshot above.
  • Step 4: To continue you have to click on "CLICK HERE TO PAY WITH PAYSTACK" as you see in the screenshot above. 
  • Step 5: Now you have to decide your payment method. You either decide to pay with Card, or with Bank, or with GTBank 737 code or with Visa QR. 
  • step 6: Congratulations.  You are done with the regisregistration. All you have to do is wait till you are approved. 
As soon as your account is being approved, don't take chances no more.

Start logging in, commenting on posts and participating fully as an NewsPay Income member.

My Final Words on NewsPay Income 

There is no reason for you to quit joining this awesome NewsPay Income unless you are as lazy as I am.

It is damn legit and has 0% chance of being scam.

Your Turn
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Thursday, 26 July 2018

Make Money Reading News With The Eagleee News App For Free [Legit]

Many of us are familiar with the Eagelee News App but what we aren't familiar with is the fact that money can be made just by reading news on the app.

I found out about it and today, I'll be teaching you how to make money reading news on the Eagleee News App.

Make Money With Eaglee

You may have landed here from Google with the following keywords:

  • Eagleee
  • Eagleee News App
  • Make Money Reading News
Whichever the keyword you used, all you are looking for is how to make money reading news with Eagleee News App.

What Is Eagleee News App?

This is an app that is created to bring to you latest viral content to keep you up to date from Nigeria,  Kenya, Ghana and international.

They cover topics on sports, politics, entertainment, lifestyle, quizzes and novel.

So while you are reading their contents, you still make money.

Attention: Eagleee News App has changed its name to Scooper News App and has also changed most of its features and payment methods. I recommend you read my latest post about How to Make Money Reading News on Scooper News App

But you may wonder if this is legit.

My answer:

I am known for being legit. And I don't promote scam or ponzi so I wouldn't this time.

This is not a piece of crap!

Now let me go straight into the real deal:

How To Make Money Reading News On Eagleee News App

There are three different ways:

1. Registering Under a User: You earn on Eaglee when you register or let an already registered user register you. All you have to do is use a users link to register then activate your account with their activation code and you earn 5 coins (I will provide you with my referral link as well as my activation code later).

You only earn once from registering under a user.

2. Reading News: This is the main money making stream on Eagleee News App. You earn 5 coins for every paid news you read.

Pay Attention: You only get paid to read some certain news and so you won't get paid if you're reading from the home tab.

So where will you find the paid news?

Just keep reading because I'll show you later.

3. Referring News Users: When you refer your friends and others with the referral link given to you, and make them activate their account with your activation code, you make 10 coins (while they make 5)

Oya! Golden enough of this coin coin! What is the value of this coin in naira seff?

Well, the answer is heartbreaking.

11,000 coins equals 1,000.

Don't cry yet! In fact don't stop reading.

Reason this way:

You don't pay to get this App because it's totally free (yes free!)

Then if you work real hard to make 100 daily and refer many people, you'll make it.

Besides, if you're lazy you can't make money. 

Okay, I'll stay!

How To Download And Sign Up For Eagleee New App

Now you need to download the Eagle News App before you can be able to start making money from it. 

So to download the App click here

Eagleee News App

But before you proceed to download, copy the activation code (H6BCEZ) because you will need it later.

Now click the "Download App,Get Cash" button which will take you to Google PlayStore. 

Download the App normally as you download Apps from Google PlayStore then Install the App.

Eagleee News App Front Page

Once you have downloaded, installed and opened the app, you will find a front page like this picture above.

What's next?

Accept Privacy Policy:

Eagleee News App Privacy Policy

Once you passed through the front page, you need to accept privacy policy for you to continue. 

Choose Your Country:

Select Country

Now once you have accept Privacy policy on the Eagleee News App a screen looking like the one above will appear. This is where to choose your country. Nigerians should choose Nigeria and those in other countries should select the country they are in.

Eagleee News App Home Page

If you are welcomed by something resembling the photo above that means you are on the right track. That's the Eagleee News homepage.

So what's next?

Login to Eagleee News App:

Login to Eagleee News App

Next is to login so that you'll be able to access all the features on Eagleee News App. So to login, look at the bottom of your screen and late and click on the "Me" tab then choose to login with either Twitter, Facebook or Google Accounts.

Put Your Invitation Code:

Eagleee Invitation Code

Now you need to put your invitation code so that you can earn 5 coins already. Look at the bottom of your screen once more, locate the "Money" tab with the dollar sign then click on it then a page like the one above will appear now click on "Enter friend's invitation code" and the code to enter there is H6BCEZ.

Attention: You may receive an error message when you put the invitation code. All you need to do if you see the error message is to quit the App and reopen it the try the process again and earn your 5 points.

Start Making Money On Eagleee News App

Now it's time to unlocked all the money Li ked in the Eagleee News App by reading news.

Here is where the confusion lies:

A lot of people complain that they read and yet they earn nothing. This is because they are not doing it the right way and that's why I am writing this article.

What should be done to earn?

Earn Coins on Eagleee

You need to click on that "Money" tab again then click on exactly where the arrow points to; "Earn coins by reading" then start reading news.

Click The Coin

But you don't just earn when you read. You have to do something else.  You have to click on the dollar coin but that should be after the coin must have started bouncing.

Refer And Earn: 

Refer a friend

Remember that I said you earn 10 coins for everyone you refer and the picture above just shows you how to refer someone to join the Eagleee News App.

Click the "Money" tab once more and click on share your code their you'll find a link with which you refer others. 

My Own Eagleee News App Review

Eagleee News App is a good App in the sense that you read the news from it and at the same time make money from it.

But it is time consuming and yields little result. 

Nonetheless, I still recommend it because it is a free stuff that actually pay (Such free things are hardly found these days) and if you give it much time you can actually smile to the bank because of it.

I suggest you try it and see.

Do not for get that you can download the App from here and that the invitation code you'll use is H6BCEZ

Your Turn:

Have you ever heard about the Eagleee News App? Do you know you can make money with it? Do you have any question? Then make sure you use the comment box below to inform me about it.
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